Choosing the Ideal Gift for Every Person

The choice of a gift is not a simple task, especially if we do not have very clear the tastes of the entertainer. Learn to recognize them to give the key when making a gift.

How to choose a gift

There is a defect shared by those who like to give and those who do not, and it is this custom to give what is nice, practical or useful, without taking into consideration the tastes, preferences and customs of the entertainer.

When choosing a gift or a gift, you must take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient or the recipient of the gifts. Even if it is a person whose tastes are completely opposite to yours: there is no such unnecessary expense as a present that will never be enjoyed.

How to recognize the tastes of the entertainer

A brief research paper will suffice. Look at his clothes, his style of dress, the accessories he usually uses, his behaviors, whether he likes sports (or one in particular), video games, reading, some artistic activity.

You can also observe your home or office, taking into account the decoration.

The gift should not offend

When buying a present, you must do it in consideration of the tastes and preferences of the entertainer, and also of their reality. If it is a person who likes to travel, but who is not in the economic conditions to undertake one, perhaps giving him a pareo and a beach hat will not be the best choice. Instead, you can choose a destination book with beautiful photographs, or a collection of movies from different tourist destinations for your delight.

Take into account the size of the clothes and shoes. Giving clothes (or other items) under the slogan “you can change it if you prefer” is a way to let the entertainer know that we did not want to pay enough attention to their personal characteristics. When in doubt, give away clothes of a larger size or shoes of a higher number, and accompany the present with the credit note or change of the store.

When you give it to him, say a positive phrase, like “I think you’ve lost weight, if these pants have something big left, you can change it for a smaller one.”

Shopping list for mass gifts

Doubts about what to give away usually arise in the purchase of Christmas gifts, as we must do many and for different people. In these cases, it will be necessary to make a shopping list. At least, take with you a list of all the people present in the celebration, to make sure you buy each one a gift, a gift or a simple present, even if they are little known people. In some countries it is customary to meet with family and friends in homes of someone in common. Find out the number of guests, their ages and sexes, and make sure they all receive something, as a sign of celebration and respect. If your budget is rather limited, buy the presents of your loved ones first, then the presents “by commitment”.

You can make them yourself, or give simple gifts, such as small Christmas candles to decorate their homes, a cup or jar with a Christmas phrase, or simple and inexpensive elements with reasons for this holiday. They may be somewhat impersonal, but they will help you to fulfill your ritual of entertaining, particularly if you are hosting the party.